Kaori Tazoe

(Artist / Live in Yokohama Japan)

 Born and based in Yokohama, she co- founded Scratch Tile Art Space (one of the first alternative art spaces in Yokohama), participated in the 2005 edition of the Yokohama Triennale, and in 2006 received a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to complete her residency at Location One, New York.


【simplified personal history】

1970  Born in Yokohama, Japan

1993  Graduated from the Otsuka textile design vocational school

1992  Start on produce work of stage art and costume,and organize group exhibitions.

2001-2010 Establish the alternative Art space "SCRATCH TILE".

Progressing on "SCRATCH TILE Screening + Lecture Series".

2005  YOKOHAMA Triennale of Contemporary Art,Japan,2005

2006  "ACC (Asian Cultural Council) fellowship "gratee. residency program at Location One NY

2008  "KUADORADO " design unit with Michiko Shoji

2014-  "830 DESIGN LABO " 


【solo exhibitions】

2002   MUSASHINO ART UNIVERSUTY,ALPHA M project, "high school tennis",Gallery TOM,Tokyo

2008    "spot light",Gallery ZAIM,Yokohama

2012    "GOKOUSASU",Gallery KEN,Tokyo

【Group exhibitions, and other activities】

1992    "Accidentally TEXTILE ART", Shisui Gallery, Tokyo

   Theatrical performance"Is there a Great Detective?", Tokyo

    "LEAF", Shisui Gallery, Tokyo

1993    "Yokohama andepandan", MARKET, Yokohama

1994    "Refrigerator", sunHeart gallery, Yokohama

1994   "Otona no Nurie", Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama

2001    beach house "umiie", Ohama Beach, Miura

2001~   "Chair project", SCRATCH TILE, Yokohama

2002~2004 Organize by Tatsuya Suzuki Group exhibitionsGallery Othu,Yokohama

2005    YOKOHAMA Triennale of Contemporary Art,Japan,2005

2006   Today's Artist 2006"Hama no KUrashi" Yokohama Civic Art Gallery

2007   "International Artist In Residence Show 2007" Location One Gallery , NY

2008   KOGANECHO Bazaar, Yokohama

2010   KOGANECHO Bazaar, Yokohama

2011   "Showcase Galley" Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Yokohama

2014   "MIXED UP" Gallery Paris, Yokohama

2014   "ROAR TOWARDS ASIA" 515Gallery, Gwangju, S.Korea

2015   "Ota Town Factory Ring Exhibition" IMPERIAL Gallery, Yokohama


【Work Shop】

2005    "Sightseeing in Yokohama"Yokohama Museum of ART

2006    "Many storys in Horiwari River of Negishi "Yokohama Civic Art Gallery

2008    "spot light" Hongo-dai an elementary school,Yokohama

2009    "spot light" Yokohama Yamate school of China,Yokohama